Reduce video streaming & storage costs by 20% on averageafter changing 1 line of encoding pipeline

What do we do?


We analyse video codecs and find best encoding settings for given videos. Our settings improve encoding performance: faster encoding, less bitrate or better objective quality

Video-codec tuning is a process of codec optimisation for particular tasks, such as compression of specific videos (CCTV, interviews, CGI etc.) or working at given speed limits by variating encoding settings

The challenge of video-codec tuning

x264 options

Standard encoding presets are usually tuned by the developers to work efficiently on average for a variety of encoding cases. Adjusting your codec for content it works with allows to utilize unused reserves of video codec and boost its performance

Is it simple to find good encoding settings?

Let's consider an example: tune x264 for one 20-second-long video

  • x264 has ~50 encoding settings
  • Different combinations of settings influence encoding performance in an unpredictable way
  • Exhaustive search for optimal settings will last 22,000,000,000,000 centuries (~488,000 Earth ages!)

Our algorithms can tune any video codec for your videos
in just a few days

Reduce video streaming, storage and compression costs by 15% on average

EVT gain on x264

Codec tuning allows to decrease video size and encoding bandwith:

  • up to 40% less bitrate with the same encoding time and video quality
  • up to 10 times faster with the same bitrate and encoded video quality

For example, our settings for x264 encoder optimized for a set of 77 different videos produces 15% less bitrate than standard presets and 8% less than developers' presets which were tuned by the developers specifically for worldwide comparisons

Advantages of our approach

Validated on videos

Works with all video encoding use cases

All kinds of videos: CCTV, Ads, Movies, Self-driving, Aero, etc. Any use cases: online streaming, universal or ultra-high-quality encoding. Validated on 20000+ real videos

Supported codecs

Any video-codec or cloud encoding service

Our technology is codec-independent, it works with the codec mathematical model and requires access only to the encoding options, the meaning of which may be hidden

Supported metrics

Preserves or improves the video quality

With our technology video file size decreases without quality loss. Our optimization algorithms work with any target quality, bitrate and encoding speed

Our products

We provide consulting and software development services for video encoding. We can help you setup your video encoder for your content, allowing you to reduce your Internet traffic or storage costs. We presented the concept of our technology at VideoTech 2022

Video encoding
pipeline setup

  • Consulting to optimize
    your encoding pipeline
  • We can find the most optimal encoding configuration that will work best for most of your videos

Automatic encoding settings selection

  • Software for automatic selection of encoder settings for your content
  • This tool analyzes the input video and automatically selects the most effective encoding configuration for it

Do you want to optimize your encoding?

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About us

Our team has 15 years of experience in video encoding and processing. We analyse video codecs and find their strong and weak points to find optimal encoding configurations which deliver higher encoding profit