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Decrease traffic and storage for your videos

15% bitrate savings in average
Encoding presets determined by our method beats standard presets with keeping encoding time and encoded video quality

What we do?

For almost 14 years, Lomonosov MSU Graphics &Media Lab's video group has been conducting video codecs comparisons

We developed a way to find optimal presets for a large number of video classes

Everything is fair! We don't declare an "up-to-x%" bitrate reduction — saverage file size reduction is 15% higher comparing to standard x264 presets

Our gain

Percentage of file size reduction in average for a representative dataset of 77 videos

Check it out right now on your video!

You provide us an uncompressed video and we provide you an improved compression relative to your or standard presets

1. Your video and preset

Send us uncompressed video and your encoding preset to know how much you will save with our presets

2. Report with options

Receive a report with optimal presets for your video and their gain under your preset

3. Choose and pay

Choose preset that satisfy your conditions on encoding speed

4. Get preset for your video

Use this preset for encoding of similar videos

Why choose encoding settings?

Assuming 15% bitrate reduction in average you can:

Save traffic

$26 when 1000 people watched 1-hour-video

Save storage

$11 a month to store 1000 hours of video

Save encoding resources

$4 for encoding of 1-hour-video

Why it works?

The following example of x264 encoding results for an "apple_tree" video sequence shows that standard presets that works fine for a large number of different videos are not the best for a particular one.

Our approach is validated on representative set of 385 videos chosen from 9000+ FullHD&4K videos

Our advantages

Objective quality

Subjective quality


Fast reply

We can find best presets for any limitations on encoding speed or bitrate without reducing objective quality (not a "JND" approach)

We can validate the result using subjective evaluation by large number of observers

14 years of conducting the world's most famous video codecs comparisons

Leave a request now and get a report for your video overnight!

You still use standard presets and don't believe that it will work for your videos?

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Our services

Where our competence can be useful for you

Encoding settings for videos

Get best preset to encode your video and use it for similar videos

Get preset that is best for a class of your videos

Codec analysis for developers

Find out strong and weak points of your codec

Subjective comparisons of encoded videos with large (300+) number of observers

Analysis of settings realization efficiency

Encoding analysis on different video classes and use-cases (9000+ videos)

Services for better compression

Saliency-adaptive encoding

Gaze maps construction

4K and 360-degree efficient encoding

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